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sIARRA lynn 

Hi! I'm Siarra!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me! I am 24 and have been doing photography for 8 years now but I have loved it all my life. In 2019, I graduated with my bachelors in communications with a focus in digital media. This was perfect for me because I love nothing more than to take pictures and talk, hence how I ended up here! I have two dogs that I am obsessed with, so if you see two wolf looking pups on my page here and there, those are my babies! I lived in New York my entire life, spent three years in the beautiful state of California and now I am back in Connecticut permanently!

Nowadays, everyone takes photos

but not everyone can make you feel something when you look at an image. And I think that's what makes someone a photographer. They are able to show emotion in the images captured and that's what I try to create in every photo I take. 


I'm your newest friend & biggest hype girl! 

It's nice to meet you,

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