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I create magic.


Love Photographer based in Fairfield County, CT

Love Photographer based in San Diego


What do you photograph? "Love"

My name is Siarra. When photographing you, I want to capture you in your element. My goal is to capture the in-between moments, the way your significant other looks at you in awe while you're smiling at the camera, the giggles between brother and sister (yes, they do exist in between all the fighting!)


My goal is to take an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. Turning it into a memory you can cherish forever. 

Nice things clients say...



Siarra is absolutely incredible - she is extremely sweet, professional, totally understands how to move quickly when working with kids and babies, and get the most precious shots while doing so. The quality is amazing and I ended up blowing several pictures to hang all over the house just from one photo shoot (I usually only like 1 or 2 pics from a shoot enough to blow up). She also delivers your edited photos the next day, who works that fast?! Love her and highly recommend!!


It was always


Did you know your person was "the one" the very first day you met? Did you fall for them over time? Whatever way it went, it's your unique love story and it's important to remember that you chose each other and still continue to choose each other every single day. They made you understand why it never worked out with anyone else. It was always them. And now it's time you document your precious story to share with the generations to come.

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